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Senwan Sponsoring the foundation of Libya group motorcycle club


The afternoon of the first Friday of the year 2021 witnessed the ceremony announcing the establishment of the Libyan Legend Club for classic motorbike enthusiasts sponsored by Senwan Company in one of the most famous squares of the capital, “Genet Alarife Square” in the presence of a large crowd of visitors.

The founding ceremony included displays of classic bicycles that were presented from All cities of Libya. The establishment ceremony also witnessed the opening speech, which included words of welcome and thanks to all participants and Sanwan Company, the official sponsor of the Libyan Legend Club.

The event garnered coverage from both local and international press and the visitor’s response was very positive and energetic. The ceremony was concluded with a gift giveaway to all attendees to show our appreciation for their attendance. We at Senwan Company are committed to sponsoring and supporting all cultural and sports activities so we can give back to the community and to help us build a mutual benefit relationship built on good faith and respect. 

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