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Our services can be provided to small and large sized enterprises covering wide range of scope.

Committed to Serve You

Senwan is committed to managing professionally through its expert team all the products and services not only during their warranty period but also beyond it by modernising them to latest technology whenever warranted thereby protecting the investments of the
promoters as well as users.

Owners always want high availability, performance and reliability, all within a budget. We add to all these expectations of our partners; a competitive advantage to save time and money through proper planning to meet all requirements of principles, accessibility, safety and eco-efficiency for both commercial and residential projects.

Select one or all, we are glad to support your business.



Creating the best possible user experience through a smooth and reliable performance that ensures the ideal end-user experience is the result of the proper design process.

This requires a disciplined set of steps that leads to the targeted result which is to

In Senwan we offer high-quality MEP Design works of residential and commercial premises with the use of high professional tools and software run by our certified professionals in our design experienced team and all are at an affordable cost range for our partners.



The installation of Mechanical, Electrical and plumbing (MEP) is a process usually crossed by all works in the construction project and strongly related to each part of it.

In Senwan, we commit ourselves to the professional project management besides the proven, efficient and safe installation methods within international standards.

Our certified professionals provide a full quality assurance process flow throughout the project phases until reaching a professional, successful and satisfactory handover at the end of the project.



With our Customer Service department, we provide a full range of repairing and preventive maintenance via a well trained professional team equipped with all the necessary diagnostic equipment and tools besides excellent spare parts availability stock.

In Senwan we strictly commit to the international regulations and standards throughout each process across all maintenance plans.

We would be glad to serve you, If you are interested in Design, Instalation and Maintenance please request by filling the form.

Advantages maintenance plans

Safer equipment

Reliable performance

Longer equipment life Span

Lower costs

Reduced liability

Fixed budget expense

Compare maintenance Packages

Features 24/7 FULL FULL BASIC
Preventative Maintenance Program pricing check pricing check pricing check
Maintenance Control Program pricing check pricing check pricing check
Safety Testing pricing check (unless excluded per customer) pricing check (unless excluded per customer) pricing check (unless excluded per customer)
Call-Back-Service pricing check pricing check pricing check Additional Charges at Contract Rates
After Hours Call-Back-Service pricing check with Extra Charges at Contract Rates Additional Charges at Contract Rates
Parts Repair and Replacement pricing check pricing check pricing check (parts are with Extra Charges)
Parts Warehouse Inventory Access pricing check pricing check pricing check (details are with Extra Charges)
Mobile Parts Inventory Access pricing check pricing check pricing check (parts are with Extra Charges)

Solutions & Technologies


Whether it’s a school, a club, a government agency, or a corporation, an organization’s needs are much more complicated and diverse than those of an individual. The cloud solutions and digital capabilities of Senwan Tech give up brand-new, exciting opportunities for boosted internal communication, partner advantages, enhanced services, and much more.


The complexity of maintaining a safe and functional network is a result of the current networking technology’s rapid development. The networking solutions, infrastructure, and managed services offered by Senwan Tech improve, secure, and simplify any organization’s networking procedure.


Senwan Tech’s virtualization and data center services, a ground-breaking method designed to increase network capacity, speed, and efficiency, assume the labor-intensive tasks and high costs of maintaining an on-site data center, giving businesses of all sizes access to scalable virtual resources with complimentary cloud services.

Cloud IaaS & PaaS

Senwan Tech offers a range of specialized and hybrid cloud platform services for all sizes of businesses, whether your company needs a scalable and fully self-serviced cloud platform for storage, networking, and other services (IaaS) or an application-based framework for developers to build and customize upon (PaaS).


Senwan Tech places a high premium on protecting client data. Senwan Tech provides its clients with a robust cyber security infrastructure, as well as a range of software and services, to help them detect and counter any potential threats before any harm is done.


Senwan Tech places a high premium on outfitting a power network with the appropriate IT operations and accessories. Energy firms can achieve significant results while reducing unnecessary expenditures by managing the distribution of power with dependable infrastructures and adequate security measures.

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