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We at senwan electronics support and encourage scientific and engineering research to develop and improve the researchers and engineers of tomorrow. We believe that by supporting these studies, we can help elevate these researchers and engineers’ abilities to think critically and develop problem-solving skills, which in turn improves the industry standard and provides better services to the community.

An example of this support is the sponsorship of a scientific paper written by Mr Alhosain Abdelhameed and Mr Akram Alharari, titled “Numerical Analysis of the Effect of Various Window Parameters on the Thermal Performance of a Double Glazed Window in the Climatic Region of Libya”.

The paper aims to study the effect of multiple parameters on the performance of double glazed windows in Libya to determine the parameters with the most significant effect and optimise the double glazed window design for the Libyan climate.

This study was conducted using CFD simulation and was well received by the panel that reviewed it for publication for the university of Zawia journal. We at senwan sponsored this study by providing the study with necessary data and connecting these researchers with our experts for technical advice and guidance.

We also provided monetary support by covering all costs, including publication costs. We have also agreed to support the authors and continue to provide them with sponsorships to further their research and studies. Here is a link to the study at the official journal webpage.

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