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In Senwan, we have highly trained and experienced engineers and technicians who are experts in their respective fields to help provide the best solutions to your elevator needs and requirements.

  • Installing an elevator
  • Installing an elevator
  • Installing an elevator

Help you choose the right solution!

Our clients should expect and only accept the best from our services and products as we refuse to compromise in their quality. 

Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or requests, we will ensure that you are left satisfied.

Product Packages


  • Up to 8 stops

  • Best for Low rise lifts, low traffic
  • Speed up to 1.0 m/s

  • All components are up to European standard.


  • Up to 20 stops.

  • Ideal for mid to high rise elevators
  • Can reach speeds up to 2.0m/sec, ideal for high traffic.
  • All components are high quality and are European standard compliant.


  • Special lifts

  • Panoramic lifts
  • Speed up to 2.5 m/s
  • High traffic
  • Group lifts

Stalled elevators

Remain calm and calm the elevator occupants

remaining calm should always be the first step in an emergency.

Contact people in the car

Make sure no one has accidentally activated the emergency STOP switch. If not, assure them that help is being called.

Contact emergency services

should one of the occupants be injured or have a severe medical condition.

Contact your elevator service company

and inform them that you have an entrapment.

Continue communicating with people in the car

assure them that they are in no danger, and remind them that they should remain in the cabin until help arrives. Inform them of the technician’s estimated arrival time and keep them updated if possible.

DO NOT attempt to open elevator doors

or any car-top doors. Wait for help to arrive. You can put yourself or passengers in severe danger if you try to rescue the passengers yourself.


In the event of a fire, please remain calm and exit the building from the building’s stairway, never use an elevator during a fire as the fire could cause the elevator to malfunction, making rescue efforts harder to reach you. The elevator should solely be used by the fighter fighters and the rescue team in the event of a fire

icons8 earthquakes


In many earthquake-prone locations, local codes require special earthquake features on elevator systems. These may include seismic switches which detect movement and shut down the elevator, please check your local codes to ensure that your elevator is up to code.

Any Questions?

How do I get a quote for elevators or escalators for my new project?
For new installation quotes for projects, please contact our sales department.
How do I get a quote for a Service agreement on my elevators/escalators?
For quotes for Service, please contact our sales department.
How do I get a quote to modernise or upgrade my elevators/escalators?
For modernisation or upgrade quotes, please contact our sales department.
Which elevator products can accommodate stretchers or gurneys for medical facilities?
We have several elevators that can accommodate hospital stretchers and we can help you choose the right elevator according to your building’s specifications, shaft dimensions and some of the customization that may be needed.
If I want a custom elevator interior can Senwan accommodate this?
Yes, we can help you with your custom interior design options for your elevator. To find out how to order; please fill out our order form by requesting a quote. If you wish to know which custom designs we can provide, please contact our sales department.
Can I get custom fixtures for my elevators?
Yes. Senwan can help you with custom fixtures for your elevator. To find out how to order; please request a quote and fill out our order form.
Can Senwan install an elevator in my home?
Senwan can install an elevator in any residential building as long as your building can accommodate it. Learn more about our elevator products for your home by contacting our sales department.

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