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Senwan participates the 47th session of Tripoli International Fair with the It’s Partner



The Tripoli International Fair is an annual trade show that helps connect local and international companies and investors. It was originally founded in 1927 and is held in the month of April every year. During its 47th annual anniversary, which occurred from the 2nd of April and ended on the 12th, Senwan Electronics has taken part in this iconic fair to introduce our Samsung air conditioning products and showcase our innovative solutions. To help our visitors in manoeuvring our wide range of products and solutions, we divided our booth into multiple sections, where each section covered a certain solution type. The solutions that were showcased during the fair included:

  • Healthcare solutions, where we displayed a model of an operating room that has an AHU unit installed to give our visitors a general idea of how the unit will look once installed.
  • For our retail solutions, we showcased the performance of our 360° cassette in a small model of a clothes retail shop. Our visitor got to see first hand the operation and performance of the unit.
  • A 4-way unit was used to demonstrate the effectiveness of our office solutions to our visitors.
  • Finally, to demonstrate our Hotel and residential solutions, we opted to showcase our super slim 19.9 indoor unit, which showed our visitors that it is possible to achieve their desired cooling levels while occupying minimum space in the room.

During our 10-day fair, we were visited by many visitors, including distinguished guests such as the minister of economy, the president of the chamber of commerce, the Turkish ambassador as well as the heads and representatives of multiple local and international companies, regulatory bodies and government agencies. And during these 10-days, our staff helped answer any and all questions and inquiries of our visitors and engaged with them in fruitful discussions to ensure they have a full grasp of our products, services and solutions. On the 12th of April, the international fair concluded and it was an overall success for our company and provided us with a strong connection to both the local and international and helped us build a lasting relationship built on mutual respect and benefit.

Tripoli International Fair