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Senwan Seminar 2017


On the 15th of January 2017, we at Senwan electronics organised a seminar to introduce and promote our latest products to companies and the public.

The main goal of the seminar was to help show our current and future clients the benefits of using these products as well as giving them a general idea of how they operate.

The products being promoted were the digital variable multi-system (DVMs), commercial air conditioning systems (CAC) and free joint multi-systems (FJM) with a special focus on DVM chiller and 360 cassettes, all of which are Samsung products. The seminar lasted for four hours over two sessions with a coffee and lunch break in between each session.

The seminar included a presentation provided by our talented and experienced engineers, who helped our guests manoeuvre through the working principles and benefits of our products.

We ended the seminar with a closing ceremony that included a celebratory meal and the provision of free products and samples provided by our company. The guest reception was overwhelmingly positive, with our clients expressing their interest in these products as well as their desire to know more about our services. Overall the seminar was a success for our company, where we were able to promote our products to the clients directly and were able to establish many work opportunities and partnerships of mutual benefit. 

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