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Difference Between MR vs MRL


Elevators can be classified into two categories, which are machine room (MR) and machine roomless (MRL) elevators. To help our clients in choosing which elevator category is right for them, we will explain each of these categories and point out their advantages and disadvantages.

The main difference between the machine room and machine roomless elevators is the fact that machine roomless elevators do not require a room for the traction machine and instead the traction machine is placed inside the building shaft. This removes the need to construct a machine room, which is ideal for buildings that are limited in available space or can accommodate a machine room due to the nature or design of the building. This was achieved thanks to the advancements in technology that helped miniaturize the equipment without undermining their performance.

However, the fact that the MRL has the same performance as an MR and does not require a machine room does not mean MR elevators don’t have their advantage over the MRL elevators. One of the main advantages of MR elevators is that they produce less noise and vibration during operation, which affects the quality and comfort of the ride. This becomes especially apparent at high speeds, which is why MR elevators are recommended for speeds equal to or higher than 1.75m/s. MR elevators also have a much higher capacity than MRL elevators, this makes the MR elevator the only option for load capacities higher than 1150kg.

Finally, since the machinery is placed inside the shaft in an MRL elevator, the elevator can be more compact, however, this also means that it is harder to access during repair and maintenance, this is especially true during motor failure. It should be mentioned that

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