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It’s the strong kickin residential power storage, and in the industry.

More Energy,
Shines for Longer

The Module+ Architecture enables LUNA S1 to adopt the built-in energy optimizer, improving more than 40% energy throughput* and extending warranty to up to 15 years**.

Module-level optimization ensures plug-and-play capacity expansion. Each new battery is always ready to go without the need of precharge or SOC calibration.

40%More Energy, Shines for Longer

Higher Energy Throughput*

15 Years

Warranty** of

*Throughput per kWh promised in the corresponding warranty letter.
**The 15-year warranty is valid only when the LUNA S1 is connected to the SmartPVMS. For details, see the warranty letter.

More Energy, Shines for Longer

Smoothest Curve, Staunchest Strength

Smoothest Curve, Staunchest Strength

Welcome, the upgrade of experience
ever witnessed.

Storage for Homes, from Equator to Poles*

*Actual usage may vary depending on environmental factors.

Unparalleled Performance
with Unparalleled Silence

Separate Temperature Control System ensures that the cells and energy optimizers work reliably in the cold and hot environments respectively, hedging against excessive heat and negating the need of a noisy fan. Quiet operation at 29 dB* gives you peace of mind.

<29 dB*

*Based on typical configuration: single/three phase up to 12KW PV+ESS solution, measured 1 m away under typical operating conditions. Noise levels within quiet bedrooms should not exceed 30 dB.

Charge and Discharge,Faster than
You’ve Ever Expected

Independent module-level management enables fast charge and discharge at 3.5 kW for each battery module and the maximum input and output power of 10.5 kW for each energy storage system. The upgrade is from performance to efficiency.


Fast charge and discharge power per battery module


Max. input and output
power per string

5-layer Protection,
for All

Cell level protection
Electrical protection
Structural protection
Active protection
Emergency protection

Reliable Cells

Top-notch LFP cells have passed a succession of rigorous tests, such as 1/8 life cycle tests and puncture tests, etc. LUNA S1, committed to give you the top reliability.

Active Isolation Protection

Three-level protection from intelligent overcurrent protection to string level and module level short circuit protection, avoids external short circuit and overcurrent hazards root and branch for comprehensive safety.

Under Water Protection

Enhanced IP66 waterproof protection allows it to continue staying safe at an underwater depth of 40 cm for 72 hours*, ruling the roost with unrivalled safety in flood, rain, or snowmelt days.

*LUNA S1 is not intended for use in water. Please keep it away from water sources during daily uses.

Against Crush, with Poise

The high-strength cabinet resists up to 5T of pressure, strong enough to withstand even an unexpected external crush or impact in a garage. It is formidable from the inside out.

*Severe impact affects the stability of the ESS. Avoid impact whenever possible.

Cell-level Management

Real-time temperature management with 4 sensors for 8 cells promises a 4-fold increase in accuracy for stable operations and ensures active protection by instant battery data analysis and pre-warning 24/7 around the clock.

Active Pressure Release Protection

Active Pressure Release Technology is an enhanced emergency protection to reduce the oxygen concentration and eliminate combustion aids for fire prevention, safeguarding your solar energy storage system from the very first second.

Intelligent Fire Suppression Kit

Intelligent Fire Suppression Kit detects and extinguishes fires in 15s if any, eliminating fire risks right off the bat and safeguarding home energy storage as a real firefighter.