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Smart Energy Controller  SUN2000-8/10K-LC0

Smart Energy Controller SUN2000-8/10K-LC0

Engineered for a 25-Year Lifespan

Engineered for a 25-Year Service Life

Tried-and-Tested Reliability

IP66 Rated

Unaffected by harsh environments, the new Smart Energy Controller can withstand dust and high-speed water jets, resistant to sand, corrosion, salt spray, and other hazards.

Withstand Extreme Temperatures

Tested in high and low temperature scenarios, the controller can work properly between –25°C and 60°C.

Lightning Protection

The smart energy controller has passed the DC/AC lightning protection test and can withstand lightning strikes.

  • Features

    AI powered arcing protection
    Compatible with SUN2000-450W-P2/SUN2000-600W-P
    Battery ready by direct Plug & Play