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Elevator Packages

Our clients should expect and only accept the best from our services and products as we refuse to compromise in their quality. Feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries or requests, we will ensure that you are left satisfied.
  • Up to 8 stops.
  • Low rise lifts, low traffic.
  • Speed up to 1.0 m/s.
  • All components are Turkish brands.


The ECO PACK best suits low rise apartments, residential buildings and low traffic buildings. This package is also considered the lowest priced package, making it ideal for those concerned with costs, however, it also comes with a limited amount of options. The main features of this package are:

  • Machine room elevators with 1:1 roping that are acting with geared machines that reach up to 8 stops and speed up to 1.0m/s.
  • Cabin walls laminated or RAL painted, corners and shadows hairline stainless steel.
  • The ceiling of the cabin comes with stainless steel mirrors in different designs and the cabin comes with a single handrail and  PVC floor.
  • The cabin in this package includes a Half-height surface mount Cabin Operating Panels (COP) with a dot matrix Display.
  • Cabin door and ground floor landing door are of hairline stainless steel, while the floor doors are RAL painted.
  • The Landing Operating Panel (LOP) of this cabin model is a  surface mount with seven segments display.
  • The traction machines (motor) provided in this package are high quality and are European standard compliant machines.
  • In case of small shafts, landing doors are semi-automatic hanged RAL painted doors.


The premium package is for those who want their elevator to be more than just a method of transportation and want it to reflect and improve the design and aesthetics of the building. Ideal for luxury buildings, private villas and building owners seeking to impress their customers. The premium package offers a vast range of options, designs and services that will help you obtain the elevator that you want, just as you envisioned it. The main features of premium package are:

  • Machine room or roomless elevators with 1:1 or 2:1 roping acting with geared and gearless machines that reach up to 30 stops and speed up to 2,5m/s.
  • ideal for very high traffic and high rise buildings and the only potion for buildings exceeding 20 stops.
  • Cabin walls designed with mirror or gold mirror stainless steel with tempered laminated Painted glass in the middle, corners and shadows mirror stainless steel
  • Ceiling stainless steel  mirror or gold in different designs, double handrail, Nero Zimbabwe or star galaxy granite floor
  • Full height flush mount COP with TFT or Mega7 dot matrix display
  • LOP surface mount with dot matrix or TFT display
  • High-quality Italian geared, gearless or Chinese gearless traction machine
  • Cabin door and all landing doors mirror or gold mirror stainless steel
  • Special lifts
  • Panoramic lifts
  • Speed up to 2.5 m/s
  • High traffic
  • Group lifts
  •  Up to 20 stops

  • High rise elevators
  • Speed up to 2.0m/sec, high traffic
  • Italian, high quality
  •  Spain or Italy origin rails
  •  Arkel or Monarch controller


In the standard package, we offer machine room elevators with 1:1 roping acting with geared machines up to 20 stops and elevator speeds up to 2,0m/s, making it the best choice for mid to high rise apartments, residential buildings and high traffic commercial buildings. In the standard package, the cabin walls are from hairline stainless steel and the ceiling comes with a stainless steel mirror that comes in different designs. This package is considered the best choice in terms of cost to performance, giving you more options than the economic package with a lower cost than the premium package. The main features of the standard package are:

  • Half-height surface mount COP with dot matrix display
  • LOP surface mount with 7seg display
  • Traction machine is a geared traction machine and are European standard compliant.
  • Cabin door and ground floor landing door are of hairline stainless steel, while other floors doors are RAL painted.
  • In case of small shafts landing doors be semi-automatic hanged RAL painted.
  • Cabin ceiling is of stainless steel  comes at different designs