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iSitePower-M is a small-scale hybrid power solution. It integrates power supply, backup power, and management. It is widely used in off-grid and unreliable grid areas and provides reliable and stable backup power for residences, apartments, shops, and emergency scenarios.

  • Product Description

    The iSitePower integrated smart site solution provides an integrated power supply solution for enterprises (transportation and buildings). It integrates outdoor cabinets, temperature control equipment, AC and DC power distribution, and surge protection and reserves sufficient installation space for customers. It is a simple, reliable, and intelligent power system.

    Product features:

    • Simple
      • One-stop deployment
      • Seamless evolution
    • Reliable
      • Reliable power supply
      • Multiple outdoor protection measures
    • Smart
      • Unified network management system (NMS); sites are visible and controllable online.

    Table 2-1 Key functions





    Mains management

    • Wide operating voltage range
      • Supports 85–300 V mains input.
    • Mains protection
      • Supports mains overvoltage protection. The overvoltage protection threshold is 300 V.
      • Supports mains under voltage protection. The under-voltage protection threshold is 84 V.
    • Mains alarm management
      • Reports alarms for mains overvoltage, Undervoltage, and mains absence.


    Solar power management

    • Wide operating voltage range
      • Works properly at 24–140 V.
    • High-precision tracking
      • The tracking precision of the MPPT function reaches up to 99.8%.
    • High efficiency
      • MTTP’s efficiency reaches up to 98%.


    Multi-energy collaboration management

    • Solar-mains collaboration
      • Based on the status of the solar energy and mains supply, solar energy is preferentially used to ensure that the system works most economically.


    M48500N1 output management

    • 12 V DC
      • It provides 12 V DC output and supports remote reset.
    • 24 V DC
      • It provides 24 V DC output and supports remote reset.
    • 24V AC
    • It provides 24 V AC output and supports remote reset.


    Signal port management

    • One alarm output port
    • One dry contact input port


    Local wired maintenance

    Supports local wired maintenance.


    Battery state of health (SOH) management

    Supports battery state of charge (SOC) and SOH management.


    Remote NMS

    • NetEco with out-of-band IP networking
      • Communicates with the NetEco through the IP out-of-band channel to implement monitoring functions such as real-time data collection, parameter configuration, device control, alarm reporting, performance statistics, board manufacturing information uploading, log downloading, and remote upgrade.
    • eSight monitoring through network devices
      • Users can monitor energy devices, view alarms and real-time performance, and manage configurations on the eSight.


    Inventory management

    The electronic label information of all communicable devices is reported and managed on the NetEco.

  • Product Technical Details

    AC Output

    • — Rated Power Output: 6 kVA / 5 kW
    • — Output Voltage: 230 VAC/50Hz
    • — Max. Output Current: 25.8A
    • —Max. *** Input Power: 6kW

    AC Input

    • — AC Input Voltage: 230VAC/50Hz
    • — Surge Protection: 3 kVA/5 kVA, 8/20 s
    • — Max. Input Current: 30

    PV Input

    • — Start-up Voltage: 100VDC
    • — MPPT Voltage: 90-420VDC
    • — Max. Input Voltage (Voc): 435VDC
    • — Max. Input Current (Isc): 2 x 15 A
    • — Recommended PV Power: 5000 Wp
    • — No. PV Strings/MPPT Routes: 2/1
    • — Optimizer Compatibility: DC Mbus Compatible
    • — DC Surge Protection: 10 kA, 8/20 s, criterion C
    • — Max. Input Current per Strings: 15 A


    • — Communication: Wi-Fi
    • — Display: LED’s, NetEco
    • — Battery Module Capacity: 5 kWh per module
    • — Max. Output Power: 2.5kW per Module, 5kW per ESS
    • — Output/Input Voltage: 370-480VDC
    • — Cycle Life: 6000 cycles @ 25 C, 100% DOD

    What’s in the box

    • — 1 x Huawei 5KW Isitepower-M ESS
    • Power Module / Inverter
    • — 1 x Huawei 5KWh Isitepower-M ESS Battery Module
  • Features

    Supports multiple energy access

    Supports the access of PV, energy storage, diesel generator, and mains to achieve long-term power supply.

    Inverter + energy storage integrated solution

    The power electronics of the PV system is highly integrated, and the overall warranty is up to 5 years.

    Adapt to harsh environments.

    Supports IP66, can be installed outdoors, can normally work at 45°C for a long time

    Safe lithium battery, triple protection

    LFP battery pack, BMS management, and fire protection package protect personal and property safety.

    Cloud-based NMS, visualized maintenance.

    HUAWEI CLOUD NMS has been connected to GW+ devices, ensuring stable and reliable operation and improving O&M efficiency.

    Smooth capacity expansion

    Capacity can be expanded as required. New and old lithium batteries can be mix used without affecting the service life.