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Peaceful Atmosphere for Residentials

A peaceful, comfortable living environment

Fresher Smelling Air for Restaurants

Fresher smelling restaurant areas

Comfortable Air Flow for Offices

Easy to tailor and manage

Business Friendly for Atmosphere for Commercials

Effectively cools or heats anywhere

Welcoming Air for Hotels

The perfect control and performance

Any Questions?

How do I get a quote for elevators, escalators for my new project?
For new installation quotes for projects, please contact our sales department.
Which elevator products can accommodate stretchers or gurneys for medical facilities?
Several elevators can accommodate hospital stretchers. These could be according to the project’s circumstances, and shaft dimensions and some of the customisation may be needed.
If I want a custom elevator interior can Senwan accommodate this?
Yes. We can help you with custom interior options for your elevator. To find out how to order; please fill out our order form.
Can I get custom fixtures for my elevators?
Yes. Senwan can help you with custom fixtures for your elevator. To find out how to order; please fill out our order form.
Can Senwan install an elevator in a house?
Senwan can install an elevator in a house building. Learn more about our elevator products.
How do I get a quote for a Service agreement on my elevators/escalators?
For quotes for Service, please contact our sales department.
How do I get a quote to modernise or upgrade my elevators/escalators?
For modernisation or upgrade quotes, please contact our sales department.
Where can I get safety tips for building owners and managers regarding Emergency situations?

Stalled elevators

  1. Contact people in the car. Make sure no one has accidentally activated the emergency STOP switch. If not, assure them that help is being called.
  2. Call your elevator service company and advise them that you have an entrapment. Continue communicating with people in the car.
  3. Assure them that they are in no danger, and remind them that they should remain in the cabin until help arrives. Advise them of the technician’s estimated arrival time.
  4. DO NOT attempt to open elevator doors or any car-top doors. Wait for help to arrive. You can put yourself or passengers in severe peril if you try to remove passengers yourself.

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