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Huawei eKitEngine S110 Series Switches

Huawei eKitEngine S110 Series Switches

Huawei eKitEngine S110 series switches (S110 for short) are unmanaged switches designed for the distribution market outside China. The
whole series adopts an all-new crystal-like appearance design with great visual impacts, winning itself the German Red Dot Design Award
2022. The newly launched colorways of Silk White and Silver Frost are becoming increasingly popular. In addition, the iconic Huawei logo on
eKitEngine S110 series switches gives them a more refreshing look. In terms of aesthetics, a diamond cut design is employed to make the
switches more elegant through an integrated and completely seamless surface with sleek corners.Therefore, eKitEngine S110 series
switches can be widely used in access scenarios such as SOHO enterprises, and commercial stores.