Products & Solutions

Residential Air Conditioning

In residential buildings creating a peaceful and comfortable environment within any interior space is very important.

Floor Stand Air Conditioning

The Floor Standing units offer the utmost in versatility to meet varied cooling and heating needs. These units effectively adjusts its performance to meet the needs of the space, such as high ceilings and lots of windows, while maintaining the desired temperature.

Ceiling Air Conditioning

Is a smart choice for saving both money and energy, and it is the best solution for large residential and small and medium commercial buildings.

Free Multi Air Conditioning

FJM System air conditioning combines efficiency and reliability to deliver outstanding performance in a space saving design, supporting up to five indoor units.

Variable Refrigerant Fow

Variable refrigerant flow systems are a smart solution for commercial and large residential buildings that demand higher efficiency, individualized control and installation flexibility.

Chilled Water Air Conditioning

DVM Chillera’s advanced technology delivers consistently higher performance and reduces wasted energy. It has a highly efficient BLDC inverter compressor with flash injection technology and an evaporative condenser. DVM Chillera’s advanced programming options allow various system operation modes to ensure performance and efficient operation.

Energy Recovery ERV

Energy Recovery Ventilation System ERV provides fresh, healthy air from outside while minimizing energy loss for maximum efficiency.

Outdoor Air Processor OAP

Duct is an outside fresh air treatment unit with integrated ventilation, combining fresh air processing and air conditioning.

Air Handling Unit AHU

To the unique needs of every environment, providing perfectly balanced performance by matching AHU features and efficiency against the precise demands of a building.

Conventional Ventilation

Suitable for totally closed and underground areas , can provide the custom design, high efficiency and low costly solutions.

Our Services

Our services can be provided to small and large sized entrepreneurs covering wide range of scope


HVAC Design is a complex process. We offer high quality Design of residential and commercial HVAC with the use of professional Tools, at a lower cost. There are only certified professionals in our Design team with at least of 10 years of experience.


With our Customer Service department we provide a full range of repairing and maintenance of air conditioning systems, household products, ventilation systems, and split systems.

Our teams are equipped with all the necessary diagnostic equipment. All work is done strictly with international regulations and standards.


Air conditioning Installation is a complex process. We offer high quality installation of residential and commercial air conditioning with the use of professional equipment and fine materials, at a lower cost. There are only certified professionals in our assembly department with at least of 10 years of experience.


A thorough examination of system components is periodically recommended.

Over time, Air conditioning system may become to work less efficiently. An annual inspection allows a technician to identify less efficiently working Air conditioning system before they cause long term damage to the system.