Senwan Supports Arrowad NGO in the event of 2021

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At  Senwan, social responsibility has always been a primary interest from its foundation and continues to be till this day. To us, it has the same importance and priority as the group’s core business.

Since 2012, we strive to forge a path towards bettering the lives of our communities in Libya and help our country achieve sustainable growth, by supporting many categories and sections like education, environment, health and sport.

Senwan’s partnership with Arrowad for better Education

Senwan believes that education is the backbone of any country, since it contributes to empowering people and the resources of the nation. Education also contributes to social stability and progress, improves income distribution and drives long-term economic growth. That’s why Senwan chose to support the education sector by partnering with Arrowad NGO and participating and supporting their 2021 event.

Arrowad is a non-governmental and non-profit organization that works to enhance education in Libya through school-related projects, honoring teachers and encouraging reading. We chose to sponsor this event due to Arrowad’s beliefs that students should be encouraged to read and broaden their cultural awareness in a fun way and teachers should be honored and appreciated to be able to develop the mind of a student towards social development.

Senwan and Arrowad share a similar vision of bringing quality education to students and building an educated generation and a conscious society. We both aim to develop and improve the Libyan educational institutions and spread awareness to the Libyan society.

Senwan and Arrowad organized the first scientific and cultural competition in Ramadan 2021 that aimed to stimulate and encourage reading, to support writing content in Arabic and to participate in pioneer projects. The competition was divided into three parts: the contest (questions), the short story and the essay.

Senwan was honored and privileged to also participate this November in being part of the honoring ceremony of the winners, at the Sheikh Ali Al-Ghariani Center in Tajoura. The first five winners were honored in each of the two stages (18 years and under – over 18 years old) who have shown exemplary diligence and dedication in their writings and answers.

Senwan supports not only education for youth, the Group already sponsored and supported scientific and engineering research. Senwan believes that by supporting these studies, the group will help elevate the researchers and engineers’ abilities that will in the end help develop the country, Libya.

Senwan seized this opportunity to acknowledge the professional organization of the competition, and to all Arrowad’s team who have contributed to this project, and we would be honored to collaborate with Arrowad in their upcoming projects and events to bring quality education to the Libyan youth today and for the future.

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Senwan Supports Arrowad NGO in the event of 2021
Senwan Supports Arrowad NGO in the event of 2021
Senwan Supports Arrowad NGO in the event of 2021
Senwan Supports Arrowad NGO in the event of 2021


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