Variable Refrigerant Flow

//Variable Refrigerant Flow


Variable refrigerant flow systems are a smart solution for commercial and large residential buildings that demand higher efficiency, individualized control and installation flexibility.


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The primary function of all air-conditioning systems is to provide thermal comfort forA�building occupants. There are a wide range of air conditioning systems available,A�starting from the basic window-fitted units to the small split systems, to the medium scaleA�package units, to the large chilled water systems, and currently to the variable refrigerantA�flow (VRF) systems.

Variable refrigerant flow (VRF) is an air-condition system configuration where there isA�one outdoor condensing unit and multiple indoor units. The term variable refrigerant flowA�refers to the ability of the system to control the amount of refrigerant flowing to theA�multiple evaporators (indoor units), enabling the use of many evaporators of differingA�capacities and configurations connected to a single condensing unit. The arrangementA�provides an individualized comfort control, and simultaneous heating and cooling inA�different zones.

With a higher efficiency and increased controllability, the VRF system can help achieve aA�sustainable design.

DVMs Heat Pump - VRF System

VRF Features

The world's largest capacity

Experience the ultimate heating and cooling capacity while optimizing space with an efficiently sized design.

Improved heating performance

Enhance airflow with smarter, more efficient heating technology to cold weather environments.

High energy efficiency

Decrease energy consumption and costs with a dual inverter system featuring simultaneous compressor operation for higher performance.

Flexible installation

Ease installation and reduce labor costs with a lightweight design and extended piping length and elevation support.

Year-round climate control

Enjoy a comfortable environment even in extreme climates with advanced temperature control and rapid cooling and heating performance.

Smart management

Monitor system performance effectively with convenient web-based data access and management from anywhere.

Reliable performance and durability

Ensure dependable cooling and heating for all conditions with weather-proofing and corrosion resistance.A�