Floor Stand Air Conditioning

//Floor Stand Air Conditioning

Floor Stand Air Conditioning


OurA�goal is to make spaces more livable and enjoyable. Its innovative technology allows you to have the most comfortable and peaceful space.


To make customers stay longer, you need to consider their needs and optimize the space.A�OurA�design allow your customers to always feel comfortable.

Floor Stand Air Conditioning

The Floor Standing units offer the utmost in versatility to meet varied cooling and heating needs. These units effectively adjusts its performance to meet the needs of the space, such as high ceilings and lots of windows, while maintaining the desired temperature.

Floor Stand Air Conditioning Features

Long Distance Air Flow

As a result of the horizontal and vertical flaps that A�move independently of one another, a greater diversity of air-flow os available depending upon your needs: direct air flow in one direction, long-range cooling, broad left-right airflow, and three-dimensional cooling.

Full HD Filter

The full high density filter collects up to 60% of dust and allergy causing bacteria.

Auto shutter

The auto shutter opens and closes smoothly, revealing the flaps of the Air conditioner only when it is turned on. The auto shutter protects the air conditioner from unwanted dust particles, making an unattractive air conditioner cover unnecessary.

Anti-corrosion fin

When corrosion starts, it shortens the life of the heat exchanger by reducing durability and allowing bacteria to grow. Samsung heat exchanger fin is designed to resist corrosion so you have cool, comfortable air for a ling time.