Chilled Water Air Conditioning

//Chilled Water Air Conditioning



OurA�goal is to make spaces more livable and enjoyable. Its innovative technology allows you to have the most comfortable and peaceful space.


Highly efficient air conditioning that delivers a powerful air solution while minimizing space usage. Experience world-leading innovation.


Samsung’s understands how important it is for patient environments to be clean and healthy. With industry leading innovations.


To make customers stay longer, you need to consider their needs and optimize the space.A�OurA�design allow your customers to always feel comfortable.


DVM Chillera��s advanced technology delivers a consistently higher performance and reduces wasted energy. It has a highly efficient BLDC inverter compressor with flash injection technology and an evaporative condenser. DVM Chillera��s advanced programming options allow various system operation modes to ensure performance and efficient operation.

With combination of 16 single units of 10, 15 tons, maximum 240 tons can be achieved from a single system. Samsung DVM Chiller enables users to reduce annual utility costs compared to traditional chillers, while the operational modes can be adjusted to allow for seasonal requirements.

Chilled water Features

World-class Efficiency

Reducing annual utility costs by 36-50% (compared to traditional Air-cooled chillers).

Easy Installation & Small Space

Lowering installation and transportation costs (by modularizing products)

Maximizing Utilization of Rooftop area with minimum amount of install space

25 ~ 493% reduction (based on 560 kW)

Sequential & Intelligent Defrost Operation

30 % of total unit could be allowed to enter defrost operation at the same time.

It enter defrost operation while the air resistance heat exchanger is decreased

Integrated control

Saving costs by reutilizing Air-sides

Consolidating control solution of Chiller and VRF

Wide Operating Range

Can be used for lots of application, Office, Retail, Hostels, Hospital, Education, and Industrial process.

Secure Reliability with Dual Back-up Operation.

If malfunction occurs in one of compressor, it conducts back-up operation only with operational compressor.

If malfunction occurs in one of units, it’s enabled back-up A�operational with the other units.