Ceiling Air Conditioning

//Ceiling Air Conditioning


Is a smart choice for saving both money and A�energy, and it is the best solution for large residential and small a�� medium commercial buildings, One indoor unit can connect with one outdoor , easy installation and providing efficient cooling and heating operation.


OurA�goal is to make spaces more livable and enjoyable. Its innovative technology allows you to have the most comfortable and peaceful space.


Highly efficient air conditioning that delivers a powerful air solution while minimizing space usage. Experience world-leading innovation.


Samsung’s understands how important it is for patient environments to be clean and healthy. With industry leading innovations.


To make customers stay longer, you need to consider their needs and optimize the space.A�OurA�design allow your customers to always feel comfortable.

CAC Duct

Ceiling Air Conditioning

Samsung’s lineup of Ceiling Air Conditioners is a smart choice for saving both money and energy. This system uses advanced technologies to minimize waste and improve efficiency. By adopting the smart inverter technology, the CAC systems not only offer silent operation but also outstanding cooling and heating performance. Samsung single zone duct units offer a wide external static range and includes an internal condensate pump as standard.

CAC Features

World class energy efficiency

Decrease energy consumption by up to 50 percent with a digital inverter system featuring an economical mode.

Superior performance

Weather severe temperatures dependably and maximize comfort with wide temperature allowance.

Enhanced heating performance

Our CAC A�features enhanced efficiency, operational range and design for improved heating performance in cooler temperature and with it is extended range, it also supports optimal cooling for comfort in warmer climates.